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We’re standing by to help you get the treatment your patients need. Call or click to get in touch with us and we’ll make ordering as simple as possible.

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    MYOBLOC Premier Partners can enjoy special access to our volume-based pricing model. The more MYOBLOC you order, the more you save. Ask about it today.
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    Include your name, your MYOBLOC account number, the number of vials and vial sizes you would like, and where you would like them shipped. Our team will reach out to confirm your order. 

Your dosing flexibility is important to us. That's why MYOBLOC is available in 3 single-dose* vial sizes.1


  • MYOBLOC must be refrigerated (36-46°F or 2-8°C)
  • Do not freeze or shake (pH=5.6)
  • Protect from light

All orders are shipped in a specially designed box packaged to maintain the required temperature between 36°F and 46°F (2-8°C) during shipment.

*For single-patient use.


Need help with billing, coding, or reimbursement?

Visit our reimbursement page to find information about these things or get live support and speak with a Reimbursement Specialist.

Image of woman on a phone call.
Image of woman on a phone call.

Become a MYOBLOC Premier Partner


Become a MYOBLOC Premier Partner

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